What if you’d fall in love with your partner all over again?

Begin your season of love now with The LoveCheck, a three month online program to rekindle the spark in your relationship

Bernadette and Frank Brink

Health Care and IT Specialist

“We really found this relationship tune-up a MUST for everybody, who is longer in a relationship. We enjoyed the exercises. Practical, effective and we had fun doing them. Our relationship is important to us, so it was well worth doing the LoveCheck. Our friends have started too! .”

Racheal Jayne Groover

The Art of Feminine Presence.

““After a few minutes of doing the exercise, my husband Datta Groover and I felt a much deeper connection instantly. It works fabulously! I recommend it to everyone.” ”

Do you want to deepen the love connection with your partner?

Find back the love in your relationship!

Everyone wants it. Very few have it. Do You?

How often have you wished to feel deeply connected with your partner again And how many times have you wondered “is this it”? Probably many a day – if this describes you.

You long for an epic relationship with your partner.  You want to feel seen, heard and above all, LOVED.

But the daily grind of life is keeping you stuck. Somehow epic has turned into petty and frustrated.

And that’s not who you are.

Does this sound like you, or your Partner?

A little appreciation would be nice.

I keep having to remind you!

We’re having the same argument, every damn day!

Why do I have to do everything myself?

Something is missing.

I don’t recognize you.

You make me feel so guilty!

We never laugh anymore.

It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s never enough!

Appreciation & Compliments

What people say about us

“Henriette struck the right cord instantly and from that moment on we really invested in making our relationship a beautiful one. We suddenly noticed how great the other actually is. That spark was suddenly there again and also between the sheets it sizzled. We are both incredibly happy we did The LoveCheck and we’d rather not think about what could have happened had we decided not to go ahead with it.”


“During the program we grew so much closer: We acknowledge each other again! Bringing home flowers once in a while can work miracles!”


Wish to Rekindle the Spark in Your Relationship?

Learn the Secret of a Loving Relationship for just $397

About Henriette

Henriette Reineke is the creator of The LoveCheck – the ultimate tune-up for your relationship without needing a therapist. Over 20 years of experience as a therapist & healer has shown Henriette that many couples simply don’t know how to give each other the love and intimacy they deserve. The LoveCheck was born from a deep desire to help couples reconnect.

The LoveCheck is a simple & solution-based concept – with life changing effects!  It allows lovers all over the world to skip the navel-gazing and dive right into the practical, hands-on tweaks that transform the daily reality of their relationship. It’s perfectly suited for those couples who experience a stressful period in their life, or are afraid they’re drifting apart. With this online course, Henriette’s deepest wish is to help avoid unnecessary breakup or divorce. It also allows couples to bypass the pitfalls of previous relationships and start with a clean slate.

If you’re ready to stop digging in the past & forge a deep heart connection with the love of your life, then click here to watch the first video lesson for free.

Follow along this 6-part online video course when and where it suits you best!

Rekindle The Spark in Just 3 Months!

What this course does for you ?

Learn how to connect again

Insights to make your partner feel seen, heard and loved

Find out what your partner needs to feel appreciated

Find out what you need from your partner to feel loved again

Really listening to eachother

Spend quality time Together !

Learn to touch the body and soul of your Partner

Topics include dealt with are…

Compliments: How to Support each other & show appreciation

Communication: How to Communicate in a loving way

Gifts: How to Delight each other with meaningful Gifts & Gestures

Household Chores: How to break through unsupportive patterns

The Men’s Cave: How to understand what your partner needs to thrive

Sexuality: How to boost Intimacy and Sizzling, exciting love making

What do you get ?

Bi-weekly Training video’s

Implementation Week (no overwhelm)

Extra emails with tips and tricks to keep up the good work

Freedom to watch the video’s when and where it suits you

3 Months of in-depth attention and focus on your Relationship

Fun exercisis and discussion Topics

Additional personal coaching from me if needed (Not included in this Price)

Wish to Know The Key for Thriving Relationships?

Learn it in a loving and unassuming way!


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