About Henriette Reineke

Let me help you fall in Love again

I can help you overcome the feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm and create the relationship you’re meant to have.

Henriette Reineke

Love Coach & Therapist, The LoveCheck.

When you feel loved, everything changes

You feel more beautiful and walk a little straighter. You actually take the time to snuggle your kids and look your partner in the eyes.

Ready to take on life’s challenges with self-confidence, you breathe a little deeper and allow yourself to slow down and take in this one precious life.

I believe you deserve that.

Why the LoveCheck?

The LoveCheck came about while running my practice as a healer and therapist. I would treat my clients as best I could, but realised this:

To truly heal and feel whole, you need the loving support of you partner.

My Story

A few years ago my family gathered in Greece to celebrate my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. The perfect spot for a big and rambunctious family like mine to raise our glasses to lasting love.

Then, during a decadent, delicious dinner this happened:

I shared my opinion about something I deeply care about and my brother responded with…