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Mutual Respect is the Cornerstone of any Successful Relationship

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Show Respect for your Partner

Mutual respect is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. When mutual respect is lost often this means the end of the relationship. If partners feel that they are not understood, and it is suspected that the other person has no respect for a different view or... read more

Relationship, What Now?

Your relationship is experiencing problems. You both have a hectic career and romance seems to have disappeared. To understand “why”, you should occasionally ask yourself a few questions. What do I get out of this relationship? I want time and energy into... read more

If Boredom in your Relationship

At the beginning of your relationship you could not imagine yourself ever without him / her to live. But now the boredom strikes. The love is still there, but love is not as intense as before. You may feel guilty about, but that’s really not necessary. In any healthy... read more

You Drive Me Crazy!

Everyone knows them, those dirty socks lying around and open tube of toothpaste in the bathroom. Little irritations that slowly undermine your relationship. Because eventually they can become a big problem. It is, therefore, to do the best there is something in an... read more