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You’ve just watched the free training video on how to connect. Here are some additional insights and tips to help you integrate what you’ve just experienced together.


You’re both used to things going a certain way, even if that isn’t so good.

Then suddenly, inspired by the exercise in the training, you’re both behaving slightly different. Something might have shifted. And maybe that feels a little…well: Awkward!

No worries! Whenever you attempt something new, it’ll feel a little weird at first. You’re simply out of practice. Keep at it.

Here are some hands-on tips to help you implement this training video. This week make sure to…

1. Be extra kind toward yourself and your partner. Whenever he/she comes to you and wants to connect (even if it’s a bit clumsy and rusty) realize that the other is making the effort. Because your partner loves you. That’s good news, right?

2. Not expect perfect romance or wishing your partner would be a more sensitive, charming communicator right away. Instead acknowledge each other for reaching out. Also realize your partner feels vulnerable in this process, be sensitive to that. You’re in this together and practice makes perfect.

3. Realize you can’t change your partner but you can change the way you are dealing with certain behaviors from your partner. Keep this in mind!

4. Plan a date for this week! Remember to buy a beautiful card for your partner and take the time to write something meaningful and loving!


I believe that when your relationship is filled with love, the cup spills over the brim and everyone around you will feel the glow of your loving connection.

Being present to other human beings is a habit. Once you nail it with your partner the world will be a better place.

Everyone will feel it (and pay it forward):

your children, colleagues, even the young, pimply and socially awkward dude behind the cash register.

Honestly try it! Pay attention to someone today, look her/him in the eyes and it’s very likely this person will look back and even smile.


When you’re on your death bed, it’s not the things you accomplished that make your heart swell. It’s those precious moments of true connection with your loved ones. Being present and showing your love makes for a life well lived.

You have the power to make people feel great. Use it!

I wish you a week filled with beautiful moments of true connection!

With love,


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