If Boredom in your Relationship

At the beginning of your relationship you could not imagine yourself ever without him / her to live. But now the boredom strikes. The love is still there, but love is not as intense as before.

You may feel guilty about, but that’s really not necessary. In any healthy relationship begin the partners over time to feel comfortable and safe. And thus fade that feeling that made your relationship so exciting in the beginning.

If at you this critical point is reached, boredom in your relationship, do something about it. Ask yourself a few key questions and learn how to make your relationship exciting. Give yourself the opportunity to alongwith continue to live with the partner you chose to share your lives together.

To revitalize your relationship back to life to ask yourself a few key questions.

Is he / she really true?

This is the first and most important question that partners should ask themselves if the relationship starts to get bored. Depending on the answer to this question you can determine whether this partner is really the person that you want to spend the rest of your life.

Set yourself a list with all the features of your partner, which determined the choice for him / her to want to live together. What characteristics did you attractive. Did you chose this person because he / she meets those characteristics on your list. Or was your choice based on compromise.

There are a lot of people where you feel an attraction to. But not all of them meet all the points you list. When you know what points are important, you can decide who is your true.

Yes, he / she is.

You know that this partner is the person that you want to share with you life. Then, the solution of the problem is simple. First you have to prepare yourself emotionally to a revival of your relationship.

People tend to, if they think their lives should be different, too many to compare their situation with examples. For example, they look at relationships in films, while they know that this is not the reality. Under the influence of these examples, they make the conclusion that the relationship can be much better, and there is a feeling of dissatisfaction.

If you are aware that there are no comparisons are with your relationship. Can you remove this emotional disappointment. Hold the tension in the relationship with you again feel connected to your partner. Try together to find new interests and activities. Only if you watch make your life is not separated, the relationship will not be bored.

And what now?

Look at the beginning of all relationships, couples seek each other still impress with their most attractive features. As they feel more comfortable with their loved ones creates a tendency to ‘impress’ the drop on each other.

Just when you feel that the relationship is a little bored, it is very important again to impress each other. What makes a relationship at the beginning so interesting, that’s that feeling of excitement when you are together. And when you get used to each other, the tension disappears.

Consider therefore regularly an interesting activity that you can enjoy together. Try again to impress your partner. And when you back together can find the fun and excitement of the beginning, you will regain those feelings for each other again.

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