Mobile and Relationship, which is more Important?

The mobile phone has become an essential part of our lives. In the classroom, during a walk on the beach, in the bathroom and the bedroom, our phone is always nearby. It is not uncommon to check as quickly when having romantic dinner the Facebook status of your friends. And when someone sends a message, you obviously respond as quickly as possible.

The Internet has enriched our world. It enables us to keep in touch with our loved ones and that gives information a useful tool in many ways. But with the rapid advance of the medium, we have not been able to learn well to deal with. We have let the control our lives, and have forgotten to also communicate in other ways. The talk before bedtime has been replaced by scrolling your cell phone just to not miss anything of the world.

Smartphones stand in the way of our relationships. We have given priority to the digital world and the real world sometimes forgotten. You must therefore wonder if it really is so important to take a photo of the dinner and put on Instagram. Or you can just together again enjoy the food and have a conversation with the person next to you. This kind of intimate moments are over before you know it you, so enjoy it and do not let them idle.

The constant distraction of a squeaky phone for missed e-mails, instant messages and updates. Long conversations on your mobile phone with a girlfriend / boyfriend, tweeting and re-tweeting, your Facebook status update continuously. We are often better able to ‘about’ talking our relationship on social media than to a conversation “with” the person we have a relationship with.

Why do you choose to communicate via social media, instead of enjoying the company of your partner? Or better yet, to do something together instead of staring adjacent to the display of your mobile.

Excessive use of the mobile phone drives a relationship from each other. We choose to communicate even just superficial and impersonal. Only when you recognize this you will be able to reverse this process.

A relationship based on constant give and take. Smartphones upset this balance. They can turn us into selfish, self-centered individuals who only worry how often their pictures ge-liked is on Facebook. And when you put too much emphasis on this digital life, you lose the beauty of the everyday sight. You get into a vicious circle in which you:

  • Is indifferent to the real world and real people
  • Looking for recognition from people you do not really know
  • Only communicates with virtual contacts
  • The connection to the real world, real people lose
  • Dependent on the virtual world
  • Gives priority to the wrong forms of communication

The advent of the smartphone has convinced us that every notification and warning is urgent enough to respond. We feel a constant urge to respond to email and social media accounts. As a result we have become overly attached to the digital communication and the real password. We have the depth and quality of a personal conversation exchanged for a chat over the Internet. Smartphones have brought us into thinking that the digital world would enrich our lives. Instead, it can make our life very unhappy. They sabotage our relationships because we do not see how important they are to us. Small precious moments slip away because we are focused on reading our emails and we are unreasonably anxious when the phone is not within range. we should not even ask ourselves whether the mobile phone is really necessary in the bath or in bed?

Unless you are able to set limits on the use, you also are addicted to the mobile phone. Therefore test yourself once to see if you are able to phone to explain away. If you can not, you know enough. Also, you are apparently somewhere in the course of time, the priorities of the lost real life. And this obsession may have drifted with you people have been disappointed and hurt.

Phone-free are not scary. Do not be afraid to lay aside once this device. The special moments that you thereby the chance to happen you have to cherish. ‘m Just relieved when you consider are unavailable if you have an intimate moment with your partner.