My Story

“have you ever reached the point of “enough!”? I sure have.”

You wonder if the Lovecheck is something for you?

A few years ago my family gathered in Greece to celebrate my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. The perfect spot for a big and rambunctious family like mine to raise our glasses to lasting love.

Then, during a decadent, delicious dinner this happened:

I shared my opinion about something I deeply care about and my brother responded with…

“Ha, well, what do you know about this anyway? You can’t prove that, so let’s just forget what you’ve just said.”

I felt my body tightening up. It hurt so much. Within seconds all the work I’d done to build up my self confidence was gone. My opinion didn’t matter. I felt unimportant and small.

But unlike all the times before, I couldn’t just sit there and swallow my hurt. Something snapped! I heard a voice within me, stating loud and clear:

This is NOT what I signed up for, I want to be heard and seen!

I deserve to tell my truth without being afraid of being shut down.

I want to live life with my heart wide open!

I started sobbing and I couldn’t stop. Here I was, letting my grief out in front of 18 astonished family members, while the other people in the restaurant gave me that half sympathetic, half disturbed look. And it didn’t matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep it in.

At that moment my brother came around the table and put his arm around me. He told me that he respects me, and that he’d always appreciated that there was so much love, openness and heart connection between us.

Showing my vulnerability and giving up my image of “always being in control” gave my brother the space to be vulnerable too. Family and intimate relationships bring outdated patterns to the surface with ruthless clarity. Drawing a line in the sand allowed the energy to shift. It made it possible for me and my brother to experience deep love and connection.

It’s my deepest wish that you get to experience love & connection too.

10 Fun & Delightful Facts About Me

I hardly ever go to the pub. But that one time a friend dragged me there, I met the love of my life. Crazy indeed!

I love going for long walks with my love, Willem. It’s so nice to inhale the fresh forest air, talk about life (or be quiet) and feel all is good.!

Cleaning my house feels like a chore, but I love it when it’s done. A beautifully organized, clean smelling house is a joy to live in.

My kids, Sabrina and Thomas, live about 10 minutes away from me. They often drop by with their partners to have a taste of mom’s home cooking.

To me, life is one big adventure. The LoveCheck is one big adventure! I keep on learning and exploring every single day.

Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch, but I need a big bouquet of fresh flowers on my table to feel great.

I’ve got a Siberian long haired cat, Lotje. Yes, she loves to chat and greets me at the door when I come home. Whenever you hop online with me for a Skype session, you’ll get to see a lot of swirling tail and curious whiskers peeking over the top of my PC.

I love giving Willem a full body massage. And guess what… he loves it too!

I love good (healthy) food with a glass of wine! Keeping my weight down is a bit of a challenge for a life-embracing person like me.

I adore meditating, traveling, art, sunshine, candles, my Volvo, Nespresso, my home, friends, family, the beach, luscious green nature, being happy, relaxation, working hard, exploring, massages, long phone calls, books… and so much more.

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