Relationship, What Now?

Your relationship is experiencing problems. You both have a hectic career and romance seems to have disappeared. To understand “why”, you should occasionally ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do I get out of this relationship?
  • I want time and energy into this relationship?
  • We still love each other?
  • we still enjoy life together?

The answers help give you insight into the problems in your relationship. And can give you instructions on how you can improve it.

Let’s look at the causes of common relationship problems and the ways to solve them.


People tend to apportion blame. In a relationship, there is no blame. A relationship is a collaboration between two partners.

As an example I take children’s education. There is often friction over the difference of opinion in how the children are raised. “You always admits if he wants to continue later ….” Partners must not fight about it, they should just work together. Talk to each other and learn from each other’s insights and thereby improve your relationship to each other and the children.


Aggression ensures that the respect is lost. Respect for each other, but also the respect of children for parents.

It often starts occasionally, but soon becomes a habit. And this habit also causes the disappearance of the romance in a relationship. Learn to treat each other with respect and you’ll also receive back respect.


When a partner not pay attention to his / her appearance this can cause deterioration of the relationship. Watch your personal hygiene, and pay attention to your appearance. If you put those exciting dress when you go out to dinner, this can boost your togetherness. An unkempt appearance is unattractive and makes for a removal in the relationship.

The 10 minute rule

A common complaint from men is that we women do not give them time to talk out.

Therefore, ladies, let your partner his story and matter. Let him speak without interruption, and then try to listen. But men, give us, the women, the chance to have our say.


A very important part of a relationship, his friends. Make sure you have a number of friends you separately or jointly, are dating regularly and comes together. Especially friends that you had already started before the relationship can help to view the relationship with different eyes and to keep alive.


If your partner has an interest that you do not share together, which can cause friction. Especially when much time is spent on this hobby. Talk about it and try to find a hobby that you can share it together. A dance club, sports or cooking. Let your partner / not give up her hobby but divide the time on both interests.

Help from professionals

When a relationship is in trouble, and you get along any longer. It can help to a counselor or therapist for help.

And sex?

If there are problems within a relationship that also affects the sex. This does not help to solve those problems. Of course there are the spontaneous moments when the sentence still comes. But when the relationship shown cracks so does the desire for intimate contact.

Another cause of reduced sex is fatigue. We work long hours for the career we pursue, and are therefore permanently tired.

Ensure that sex remains part where you both pay attention to. Make time for all, tell each other what it means for you and what you love.