The LoveCheck: Do you feel overruled by your partner?

The LoveCheck do you feel overruled by your partner?

Do you have a partner who is verbally very strong? Do you feel sometimes overruled? And then you agree with your partner at that moment because he or she is so convincing? But then a little bit later you know that something does not feel quit right for you. Probably already at the moment your partner was very convincing you already felt something somewhere in your belly that you could not translate into words right away. And when you gave yourself a little bit more time you found the right words to express your feelings and opinion….

Next time when you feel overruled in a very convincing conversation with your love tell them: ” I heard you”. And repeat what you heard! Then tell your love ” something in me needs some time to find out how I feel or think about this topic. Please give me untill tonight or tomorrow and I will get back at you”. Then when you have given yourself the time to listen to your gut-feeling you also gave yourself the time to find the right words to express yourself. This way you can communicate in a clear and true matter. And your partner knows how you really feel about the subject!