What is the Purpose of the Relationship.

A relationship is a union between two people who love each other. But a relationship is not only that. A happy relationship is something more, something that shows the relationship meaningful. A relationship has a purpose .

Is in the dictionary ‘target’ defined as:   something that you’re trying to achieve . And with that definition in mind, you might ask yourself, “What is the purpose of my relationship?” My goal is happiness, contentment, security or sex?

Each answer will give you a better look at you experiences and expectations of your relationship, and teach you insight into your own goal. ” However, a relationship consists of two persons. Have you ever wanted to ask your partner what is his / her purpose in the relationship.

Presumably not.

It may also be difficult to agree quietly to talk about this issue when so many other things that need to pay attention to. You’re busy with work, children, friends and family. At work, it is also crowded and household demands attention. And in addition, you should also have time to give attention your relationship with a night out and a good conversation. Do you have time to think about the question, “What is the purpose of our relationship” with the person next to you in bed.

No? Then now is the time to do so.

Because if you do not want to over time yourself wondering why your relationship has lost its spark, you must act now. Take steps now to nurture your relationship, maintain and grow. When you have a relationship you can give the attention it deserves a target. Or when you feel that your relationship you begin to slip away, perhaps saving.

A goal enables you to ask yourself the right questions and provide insights. It teaches you to describe your desired relationship and understanding. Whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, a goal helps give you direction to your needs. It provides a basis for understanding what you want to experience in the relationship.

For you can adventure, safety, respect, love and independence with a hint of challenge. But your partner is perhaps peace, trust, love, happiness and sex. If you understand that your expectations are different, but you also have similarities. Then you can teach each other to make these expectations a common goal.

Partners who purposefully work on their joint expectations are more likely to have a happy and meaningful relationship. Teach yourself to master the art to feel and understand what both of you experienced in the relationship. The goal is a meaningful, loving relationship that meets both your expectations. Instead of two partners who live alongside each other with no purpose in mind.

This goal can only be achieved if you are willing to work for it and talk about it. When you are ready for this challenge, your reward is to achieve the ultimate goal. A strong, long-lasting, loving and above all meaningful relationship.