When you feel loved, everything changes.

You wonder if the Lovecheck is something for you?

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More about The LoveCheck

The LoveCheck came about while running my practice as a healer and therapist. I would treat my clients as best I could, but realised this:

To truly heal and feel whole, you need the loving support of you partner.

During this vulnerable time of healing, couples were often unable to connect, understand and support each other. These people still loved one another. It was heartbreaking to see them fail at giving each other the care, physical nearness and encouragement they needed.

Right now your relationship feels a tad rusty. You doubt whether your partner will ever give you the recognition and appreciation you long for. Life-changes (having children, moving, career changes, etc.) have taken priority for too long. You feel the hurt of unfulfilled potential and unmet needs.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

That’s why I’ve set out on a mission to help you reconnect as a couple and fall in love all over again.

It’s in the small, loving gestures that you can forge a strong heart connection.

Here’s what I’ve learned

We all know this: you can drive your partner nuts by always leaving the bath drain plugged with hair; or make your loved one feel invisible by not showing up on time for dinner, again.

You can also choose to do the opposite.

Through small, daily gestures you have the power to help your partner thrive. To make the other feel heard, seen and deeply loved. Doesn’t that make you feel powerful and inspired?

“What you focus on expands.” – T. Harv Eker


Imagine This

You come home after a rough day at work. Instead of rushing to grab the fish fingers out of the freezer and check your email one more time before dinner, you do this instead: You go up to your partner and connect, if even for a moment.

Can you envision what that would be like?

There’s tenderness, intimacy and you know deep down: We belong together. You’re taking a real interest in how the other feels. You feel appreciated. And that feels great beyond words.

This is What’s Available to You.

This solution based program with depth supports you to connect as a couple and work together.

It asks you both to fully commit to transform the daily reality of your relationship and that makes for powerful, tangible results.

The LoveCheck will help you and your partner get there.

Want to feel loved & adored again?

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